Gerd Dreher’s works are mainly owned by private collectors in the USA, in Great Britain, Switzerland, Russia and Asia.
Some of them are permanent exhibits in the German Gemstone Museum and in the Museum of Idar-Oberstein. Also in the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art, at Elmshurst/ Illinois, USA.

1992 Book: "Gems & Jewels: Fact & Fable", Christopher Cavey, London. Shows different carved animals of Gerd Dreher.

They also graced for a limited period other renowned museums and exhibitions. Especially "The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences" in Houston, Texas should be mentioned here, as a special exhibition was dedicated to Gerd Dreher’s oeuvre in 1992 for several months, and in 1994 the special show on "The World of Fabergé" featured some of Gerd Dreher’s objects together with Fabergé’s creations.

2004 A special exhibition with more than 80 objects of hard stone works of art by Gerd and Patrick Dreher in "The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences", Houston, Texas, for a half year.

2005 At the occasions of the Mineralientage Munich, from 27-30.Oct, at the special exhibition "Agate Dreams" were displayed 15 carvings. Some of the objects have been made available from a private collection; others comes from the personal collection of Brigitte and Gerd Dreher.

2010 Some of the carvings were exhibited at the "Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum",
Tel Aviv, Israel, a number of months.

2011 A special show at the Inhorgenta, Munich, "Dreher Lounge", with more than 30 unique items of multicoloured agate and gem stones.

2011 Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum, Idar-Oberstein, one pair of chimpanzees exhibited as "Object of the Months"